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  • South Africa - +27 82 319 7309 – 1pm-6pm CAT
  • United States - +1 302 465 0573 – 9am-2pm EST

CSCC Consulting

We're recognised as a professional, industry leader, specialising in Global Programme & Project Management, and Governance enablement with vast consulting experience within Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations.

Maintaining recognition

In order to maintain this recognition, CSCC Consulting collaborates with highly skilled and globally experienced business practitioners with outstanding service and solution delivery records.

Our consultants are thought leaders who instill value in both our clients and within our own company.

Global Thinking

CSCC Consulting drives sustainable growth and development within various Industries by means of Engagement Management, Process Management, Strategy Development and Business Transformation Enablement, utilising various technologies and techniques in an integrated manner to minimise business risk and to provide meaningful analytics.

Business Agility

CSCC Consulting manages with a Disciplined Agile mindset providing a philosophical foundation for business agility, to enable our customers quick realization of business value predictably, sustainably and with high quality to assist our clients to rapidly adapt to market and environmental changes in productive and cost-effective ways.


CSCC Consulting logo and slogan,
Innovative Governing Management Solutions
encompasses who and what we are.

We, in a caring, personal and professional manner, Implement, Sustain and Optimise Innovative Governing Management Solutions. These implementations are done creatively and holistically, embracing the essence of our customer's values following a Disciplined Agile mindset.

We provide our customers with stability and reassurance in our knowledge and ability to manage large global operating platforms, in both project (build) and operations (run), utilising a clearly defined structured governance framework.

CSCC Consulting partners with our customers, providing them with a clearly defined roadmap in the development and establishment of a workable and sustainable Global Governance Operating Framework, covering transparent processes, standards, methods and procedures.

Globaly trusted



CSCC Consulting follows the principle of Total Quality Management (TQM) by utilising the Discipline Agile Toolkit as part of Guided Continuous Improvement (GCI) following the principles of
Plan > Do > Study > Act, by adopting solutions that work, abandoning what doesn’t work, and then sharing what we have learned with others in your organisation, so that your solutions can be applied to similar opportunities to excel.

Our core values, basic principles and focus are to conduct ourselves in a caring, helpful and professional manner.

We seek optimal best value driven solutions for our customers.

Our guiding principle is to make a positive difference for our customers, with view of continual improvement and a quality focus throughout.

We embrace Guided Continuous Improvement (GCI).


We seek optimal best value driven solutions for our customers.