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What we provide

Innovative Governing Management Solutions

CSCC Consulting through its robust and proven Governance Control Framework (GCF) provides significant value in the following main IT Management focus areas by its adoption of a Disciplined Agile mindset:

• Implementation and IT Project Support
• Change Management
• Continuity Management
• Quality Management
• Operations Cost Management
• IT Governance
• Diagnosis and Continuous Improvement
• Incident Problem Management

Program & Project Management (PPM)

Enablement & Sustainability of Program & Project Management (PPM) governance solutions with a Disciplined Agile mindset.

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Managing Engagements

Product &/or Service orientated, managing teams in a pragmatic content sensitive manner, which is aligned to the enterprise vision through Inception, Construction and Transition by applying Ongoing Guide Continuous Improvement by embracing a Discipled Agile mindset.

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ERP Implementation and Enhancements Management

Managing, Monitoring and Controlling of ERP Integrated Solutions with a Disciplined Agile mindset.

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Guided Governance solutions embracing the breadth and depth of Business, Information, Application, Data, Application, Technology and Security (BIDATS).

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Program Management Office (PMO)

Enablement, Establishment and Sustainability of Program Management Office (PMO) services across the Application Life Cycle following Guide Continuous Improvement (GCI) and a Disciplined Agile mindset.

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Program and Project Support Tools

Supporting of the Program Management Office (PMO)'s Quality Rules, Standards, and Ways-of-Working (WoW) in an integrated manner covering the applications of Solution Manager, EnableNow, and Governance Risk and Compliance.

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Project Management & Governance Framework Enablement

Embracing a Disciplined Agile mindset, CSCC Consulting is highly experienced in the enablement, operationalisation and sustainability of Program and Project Management and its Governance Framework for an organisation in a pragmatic context sensitive manner that is aligned to the enterprise's common vision and objectives.

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Independent Program & Project Risk Advisory

Oversight Quality Risk Assurance and Advisory review and guidance across the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

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Business Process Management (BPM)

Business Scope Management following a Disciplined Agile Goal-Driven Approach across the enterprise's various Process Blades, encompassing the Architectural Views of Disciplined DevOps, Value Streams, Disciplined Agile IT (DAI), and Discipline Agile Enterprise (DAE).

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Value Engineering

Delivering Customer Value Driven Solutions.

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Migration (MIG)

Business Organisation Transformation Solutions covering Application, Process, Data, Technology, Architectural and People Readiness.

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